Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Scenario 4: The Neon Distraction (In-House Drive-By)

Setting: A small, comfortable living room in a suburban home. Somewhere in middle-America.

It is just past noon on a hot summer day. Two young friends sit together in a living room watching re-runs on their favorite television channel. A knock comes at the door.

Friend 1: Yo man, are you expecting anyone?

Friend 2: What? Nah dude, do me a favor and see who it is.

The young friend sighs and gets up from the couch. He heads toward the door and peers through the peak-hole to see a shadowy figure standing infront of the door out on the stoop. At first he is startled and confused, however, he opens the door just enough to peak through the crack. He begins, nervously...

Friend 1: Yeah... what is it?

Figure: Hello, I've just come to ask you a few questions. Would you like t-

Friend 1: No thanks dude, we don't need nothin'.

Figure: Oh, but it'll only take just one moment and I'm sure that you'll-

The door slams shut in the curious stranger's face, leaving him out on the stoop. The young boy returns to the couch to find his friend still slouching and staring blankly at the television screen.

Friend 2: Who was it?

Friend 1: No one... I think some weirdo. Like some Jehova's Witness or something.

Friend 2: Ha ha ha, yeah. Those people need to get a life.

Another knock comes at the door. The ill-postured pair look towards each other in a sort of silent bewilderment. Neither knows what to do. A slight tinge of panic has walked into the livingroom and sat down with them. The friends duck low on the couch and try to wait their visitor out. After a few minutes of silence, the knocking persists...

Friend 1: I'm not answering the door again!

Friend 2: Damn dude, I'm not either!

Friend 1:
(From the couch) We don't want anything! It's alright! Please go away now! Thanks!

... the knocking persists...

Friend 1: Seriously though, everything's cool- we're all cool in here, please! Thank you!

Friend 2: This is friggin ridiculous, I'm missing this show dude. I've been waiting all goddamn day to watch this. I'm just gonna answer it and tell him to screw off.

...the knocking persists as the young friend walks toward the door. His pace quickens as he begins professing his anger to the stranger from down the short hallway. With much fervor he grabs hold of the doorknob and swings the door open in an almost violent rage. He begins exclaiming his wish for this unwanted visitor to depart at once when he is silenced. Before him is a 16x16" picture of an obese, middle-aged man. It is such a shockingly grotesque image that the young boy has ceased his verbal assault and now stands slack-jawed in the door's threshold.

Figure: Do you know what this is?

Friend 2: ...I don't care what it is.

Figure: I didn't think so. What if I offered the idea that you should?

Friend 2: What if I called the cops?

Figure: I'd be back tomorrow.

Friend 2: Is it money that you want? 'Cause believe me buddy, we ain't got any of that.

Figure: All I want is your complete attention for no more than five minutes; the way you stare into that box.

The young friend starts for a moment to oppose the proposition, but his natural apathy takes hold and he becomes simply too lazy to argue with such a persistant guest. He sighs...

Friend 2: ...well... shoot.

Figure: This is the average American. Do you want to become this? Because you're half way there. Maybe not in age or physical disposition, but mentally you are docile, complacent and seek only to have your most immediate urges satisfied to their most maximum capacity in the most convenient method possible. Welcome to America, the land of the chains.

Friend 2: ...are you kidding me?

Figure: Your chains are not of metal, no, that'd be far too obvious. There have been too many novels and movies depicting the opressive, tyrannical absolute ruler who binds his slaves with metal shackles and in prisons. We'd be able to spot it from a mile away. But what about when its right under our noses... right in our living rooms and bedrooms even! Your chains are your mental dependencies.

In a gesture of disapproval and forfeit, the young boy raises his hand as if to silence the sudden and relentless barrage of insanity flowing from this total stranger's mouth.

But something strikes a chord.

Friend 2: Wait... what?

Figure: To put it simply, they keep the fear in you at all times so that you don't ever grow strong enough to not be dependent on something. And whatever that something is... they can take it away.

Friend 2: I'm not afraid. I don't feel afraid, I feel fine.

Figure: It's more than that. Its not some monster you're running from, its yourself. Ingrained into our culture is so much self-loathing. There is always a fear of not being accepted or of being looked at as the odd man out; or even as crazy. Look at the media you watch. What do they tell you? How do they suggest that others are acting? And how often do they constantly imply that it is in
this same manner that you should act also? Why is this so? Have you ever stopped to question? MTV is not merely entertainment... MTV is a multi-billion dollar mindset-machine bent on selling you a LIFESTYLE. Why do you think there's barely ever any music on anymore? What makes a song good? A hot beat? To whom? You? What happens If you don't have these shoes?! You'll be missing out! If you don't drive this car women won't like you as much as those who do have the car. If you don't listen to this music, or buy this jewelery, or speak this way, walk this way; move this way, act this way, then you are nothing... nada... merely something no one wants to be or be around. Of course it sounds silly to put it this way, but essentially that is exactly the way it is. Who can deny that we like something because of the sentiments others share for it? We don't go out wearing capes and diapers with helmets made of cardboard. This is an act of defiance against our societal norms! Punishable by being deemed not fit to operate freely within our society! We must institutionalize them and make them "better!" There's a very clever line I've heard a few times on the radio from a band called Dave Matthews Band that seems to testify to the realization of this systematic integration: "Why are you different? Why are you that way? If you don't get in line, we'll lock you away."

Friend 2: I dunno... I guess. I mean, not everyone likes the music I do.

Figure: And that is a good thing! every act of defiance loosens their grip on who you are!
They determine what you are only when you give them the power. Everyday people like you put their self-worth in the hands of others. You may wear the clothes that you wear because you like them...

Friend 2: Yeah, I like most of the stuff I've got...

Figure: But isn't it apparent that you've merely selected a style that is
socially acceptable and at the same time is most befitting of the image you would like to present to others, with the hopes that most will approve. Nobody likes hearing someone tell them they don't look good, or being made fun of for something they're wearing.

Friend 2: Well yeah... I mean I love the color green, but I wouldn't paint myself green and walk around town for a day. But I can kind of see what you're saying.

Figure: Tell the truth, what
are you thinking when you buy those jeans or shirt? What do you think your girlfriend is thinking when she puts on her makeup infront of a mirror for an hour before she goes out at night? We don't have our own opinions, our opinions are based on validation. Hence the term "cool." Words like this are meant to classify the level of social acceptablity which something possesses. Our consciousness moves in cycles and as a group. Styles ten years ago are passe and overdone to us now; styles ten years from now will look back on us as the same. So what really determines what's "cool" and what's not?

Friend 2: MTV? Ha ha ha ha...

Figure: Close.. but broader. The media. It's the sole medium through which all of our opinions converge as one to be viewed, heard and analyzed by billions every day.
The average American child watches 25 hours of television per week.

Friend 2: Me and Bobby watch way more than that, ha ha ha ha...

But who is behind what you see? Well here's a nice little fact: The C.E.O. of NBC is a cousin to our wonderful president George W. NBC is one of the largest Broadcasting Networks in the country. It was NBC that first declared Mr. Bush as winner of the Votescam '04...

Friend 2: ...Vote...?

Figure: The bottom line is that we are being conditioned on a massive scale, here. Television is a systematic method of which those who control it can come to control what we think and how we view the world. They have successfully found a means with which to bend the actions of humans in large groups to their specifications and desires. And if you don't believe that is possible, then at least suffice it to say that it is a way to keep what we do and think within certain deemed "acceptable" restrictions or boundaries.

Friend 2: Well, I'll tell ya the truth man... I can't honestly tell you that t.v. does little besides offer mind-numbing entertainment. Its a way to relax and feel comfortable for a while. I mean I've got a pretty hard day at school and then at work... sometimes I just wanna come home and do nothing but watch some t.v.

Figure: Ahh, well thats the apathy setting in my friend. And that's another aspect of the way they attempt to control us. Ever feel like you're not really awake when watching television; like its a completely different experience in itself? You're not alseep, but not fully awake and aware when you're watching a television show or commercial, right?

Friend 2: Yeah, I guess I kind of zone out when I watch t.v.

Figure: Well, I'll offer this- it has been a subject of much scientific deliberation lately, but has been found by many to be true, that within the first ten seconds of watching t.v. the average American falls into a trance-like state. This state is most similar to a theta-state. A theta-state is the state our mind is in when we are infants and toddlers. This state operates on a highly subconscious level. Hence why it is easier to teach a young child new things (a language for instance) than it is to teach someone older. During this state we absorb more subconscious material than is possible in any other waking state. The information we absorb no longer passes "in one ear and out the other." Rather, it enters both ears and both eyes, and is absorbed fully into our most solid, subconscious part of the mind. Day to day, we act on these things that have been sold to us without even realizing it! Imagine how many advertisements you see a day!!! Billboards; radio; television; magazines; clothing logos. Every day the people behind these pretty pictures determine how YOU act, and what is acceptable for YOU to do. How does that make you feel?

Friend 2: ...to be honest, I feel no different. Listen man we've spoken for about ten minutes now and you told me it'd only be five. Goddamn it, I just wanna go back inside and finish watchin' my program! Get lost already.

Figure: Before I go remember these words. You'll find them in Sun Tzu's The Art of War if you ever get around to reading...

Suddenly, the figure draws closer to the young friend and leans in with eyes intently focused on his. In a deep, raspy, intense whisper he utters...

The objective is to find your enemy. Your enemy's objective is to make you believe he does not exist.

Friend 2: Woah man, what the hell are you talking about? What enemy? What the hell do you want me to do?!

Leaning closer still, he grabs the young friend's shirt with clenched fist. His nose almost flat against his, he screams out best as he can while keeping it below his breath...


Leave the cave.



Blogger georgejones andronicus said...

hey man, i found your stuff on crimethinc.net and followed it here, mostly just the scenarios and intro to leaving. pretty good, but not as realistic as i'd like: kinda excessively direct with little imaginatinon. i'll keep an eye out and try to post some of my own when i get a chance. if i suck, say so.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Pete, the author said...

Just a side comment to your previous one andronicus:

This serves as a note to all who read this blog- I appreciate any and all comments left, whether positive, negative, encouraging or constructively critical. I will never ever censor anything anyone writes here, so long as it is appropriate for this blogsite and the content therein. However, allow me a chance to explain. This blogsite serves purely as medium for me to be excessivley direct. I do not mean to tell imaginitive tales of adventure and mystery. Rather, I strive to write and publish modern parables, to which the lay man can relate. People in general have a much easier time absorbing information through stories, rather than lecture and lesson. So I incorporate all three aspects into one. I appreciate your opinion, however, make no mistake about that! This is merely an attempt at explaining to you, and to others, why I do this and what this is all about. Thank you very much. I hope to hear more from you soon! Enjoy the blog and good luck with your own! I'll be reading!

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